International Club Berlin

International Club Berlin: the urban country club for sport-loving cosmopolitans.

Welcome to the International Club Berlin! Here on our wonderful premises, right in the heart of Berlin, you will meet people with style and class from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds – key personalities from the worlds of diplomacy, politics, business and science mingle with creative types from the art and cultural scene. Together they enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, meet interesting people, dine outside in the sun on our large terrace and have a chance to network and make new contacts. Sports enthusiasts, in the meantime, wind down with a few lanes in the pool or test out their skills in a game of tennis. In short, our urban country club is like a green oasis with a good measure of style and British charm thrown in – a place for relaxation, sport, enjoyment and socialising in style


You will find an inspiring mix of open-minded and cultivated individuals from right across the globe ¬– all with an interest in networking and good conversation. You can count on exclusivity and discretion as part of the deal on our expansive premises, which not only has eight tennis courts and a pool but also a number of smart salons and conference rooms.

The primary goal of the club is to provide opportunities for networking, conversation and the sharing of ideas and experiences. Here you will find successful players from the worlds of politics and business conversing with creative individuals from Berlin's lively art and cultural scene in a wonderfully informal atmosphere. And it is not uncommon that innovative ideas, new projects or lucrative business ideas are the result – just incidentally over a cup of tea or whilst sipping a gin and tonic, or on the tennis court. And the family? They love all the green space, the lively atmosphere and the warm and sincere manner which is cultivated here. 

You will find still traces everywhere of the "fine English manners" which make our club into a cosmopolitan institution here in the sociable city of Berlin. The stylish British interior decoration, the comfortable leather Chesterfield sofas, our Afternoon Tea, the bridge rounds, the Ladies Only evenings and the respectful and polite way we treat one another – this is all very much cultivated and appreciated. With some careful modernisation and freshening up, of course. The traditional flair of the club is today combined with a more contemporary and informal spirit – and an open-minded, cosmopolitan attitude which we and our 1,800 members are very proud of.

Stylish, cosmopolitan, informal and exclusive – Welcome to the International Club Berlin!



Berlin Ice-skating Club

The history of the International Club Berlin goes back a long way – to the time of the club's founders in the late 19th century. In 1920, the Berlin Ice-skating Club acquired the elegant premises in the Thüringer Allee to set up a sports centre and their own club house. In summer, the Berlin aristocracy played tennis here in wonderful surroundings and met up to socialise, play chess and practise their fencing skills. In winter, the picture was different – ice skating was transformed into a social event. Wrapped up warmly but nevertheless stylish and elegant, Berlin society took to the artificially-created ice which now covered the Centre Court at the club house. And so it was that this sporting address on Thüringer Allee became a permanent fixture in the social calendar of Berlin – and remained so for many years to come. 

British Officers' Club

In 1945, the identity of the premises on Thüringer Allee underwent some changes. The sports complex became the home of the British Officers' Club. From now on, the typical "fine English manners" started to influence the style and the life of the club – continuing for almost 5 decades. This close connection to Great Britain is something which is still cultivated by the International Club Berlin. This is why the numerous prominent honorary members of the club always include the current British ambassador. They follow in the footsteps of the British City Commandant and founding president of the ICB, Major-General Patrick G. Brooking, who was one of the driving forces in the founding of the International Club Berlin by a group of 35 citizens of Berlin following the withdrawal of the British military forces from the city.

International Club Berlin e.V.

With its founding in the year 1994, the International Club Berlin was keen to continue in the tradition of the British Officers' Club and developed into a place to meet up, a place for conversation and for sharing ideas and experiences. Ever since then, guests with an international background have been meeting up here with citizens of Berlin from the worlds of business, politics, art and culture – to share experiences, make new contacts and socialise in an informal atmosphere. Or to celebrate special occasions together. In the year 2006, the International Club Berlin was able to acquire these magnificent premises from the City of Berlin authorities – thanks to the initiative and the untiring commitment of the Board of Directors. With financial support from the members as well as from the Gothaer Insurance Company, the future of this unique urban country club could thus be secured.  Today, the club enjoys an outstanding reputation far beyond the boundaries of Berlin itself. For this reason, too—as in the times of the British Officers' Club—a member of the British Royal Family is the patron of our club – Prince Charles, the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom.



HM King Charles III
Board Management
President Dr. Thomas Wolf
Vice President Dr. Stephan Rabe
Treasurer Dr. Markus Kurch
Secretary Holger Rausch
Stefan Heilmann
Sport Gernot Sagl
General Manager Marie-Louise Hildebrand
Club Ambassador Petra Jucho (Club Ambassador)
Club Secretary and Administration of Membership Heike Bull (Club Secretary and Administration of Membership)
Sales & Membership Bilge Krüger-Çakir (Sales & Membership Executive)

Honorary members

  • The Ambassador of Great Britain
    Jill Gallard
  • The ruling Mayor of Berlin
    Kai Wegner
  • The former British Ambassador
    Sir Peter Torry, GCVO, KCMG
  • Former State Secretary,
    President of the ICB from 2005-2009
    Dr. Jürgen Sudhoff
In memoriam
  • Former Federal President
    Walter Scheel (dec.)
  • Former Federal President
    Dr. Richard von Weizsäcker (dec.)
  • Former Federal President
    Professor Dr. Roman Herzog (dec.)
  • Former Federal President
    Dr. Helmut Kohl (dec.)
  • Former Federal Foreign Minister
    Hans-Dietrich Genscher (dec.)
  • Founding President of the ICB, former British Commandant in West Berlin
    Major-General Patrick Brooking, CB CMG MBE DL (dec.)
  • Former British Ambassador
    Sir Nigel Broomfield, KCMG (dec.)
  • Founding member of the ICB 
    Wolfgang Hofer (dec.)

Rules & Mission

Mission Statement

The "International Club Berlin (ICB)" was founded on the basis of the friendly links which have grown over many decades between the United Kingdom and the city of Berlin. European unity and the new role of the reunited city of Berlin as an international metropolis were considerable driving forces in the move to found the club.

The idea of the ICB was to provide a space for international encounter whilst at the same time cultivating the special style and character of the former British Officers' Club in Berlin. The club promotes the exchange of ideas and experiences between citizens and representatives from the worlds of politics, business, art and culture in Berlin and members of the international community who have made their home in the German capital city. 

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